In each new year that begins germinates the seed of all those wonderful purposes and that new desire to redirect our lives contagian our mornings and we launched which warriors to the crusade to read all the books we asked for Christmas, we put in the refrigerator the last detox plan after the excesses of December, you call your mother because you love her with madness and you know that she will be tremendously happy helping you to put order in your closet because they have given you the magic book of the order of Marie Kondo and you are convinced of that will be the beginning of a new life … because popular wisdom already says it, right? : “If you want to order your life, start with your wardrobe”, you sign up to the voragine of healthy cooking workshops, to the Kizomba classes, you cut your hair, and buy the new leggings of Lululemon because they are as magical and you gonna make Eka Pada Koundinyasana without effort wearing them …but, three weeks later, your wardrobe overflows panties and stuffed jerseys like choked panda bear with bamboo, you went to kizomba twice and you promised not to return, and the rest of good purposes already We speak…

As true as the sun rises in the west … do not you ask yourself, how is it possible that all that precious energy of the first days of January fades away little by little? I do, and a lot, and this year after reading and re-reading books, blogs, and old personal notebooks, I found a simple guide that gives clear direction to my strategy of new purposes, I have not stopped sharing it with friends in the last days , and that gives a sense and a very powerful vision to the new year plan, besides it is super simple and short, we leave it here today and in about three months we will sit down again and we will tell you what results we are getting with it .. We will be eager to know your results also!

The six questions that can change your life this year

-List 5 achievements you got last year
-What was the activity that made you lose more time last year
-What you did to make it possible and what happened
-What is the word you want to define your 2019
-What decisions you should make and actions to make to apply and live that word in your life in all aspects
-It’s been 12 months, where, like, doing that and who you want to be with, detail your vision here

Hi can i help you?
Hi, can i help you?