Susana Dakini

Co-founder &  instructor  & event manager

Founder of Oceandream Yoga and  Passionate about human connections full of authenticity and presence, from a very young age ,I felt a call to manifest and materialize my creativity through business creation from scratch, I enjoy every creative process ,connecting with my inner voice and my inner guide, I teach and inspire other human beings to discover their strengths, envision their goals and dreams, through inner listening, connection with your intuition and union with the universal uniqueness, and the feminine and masculine energies, I explore all facets and experiences that life offers me feeling absolutely grateful to share my vision and love for the beautiful nature that surrounds us ,and every day I learn more and more about this wonderful journey

With a training in holistic therapies like Bach´s Flower system,  PSYCH-K level 2 facilitator,  Matrix Maestra energy healing  facilitator, Master in Mindfulness and personal development,  firewalker from Unleash the power withing experience with Tony Robbins, Master in Womb Healing with Dr.Bertrand,  trained in Femenine sexual alchemy and ovarian breathing and currently pursuing graduate studies in expanded states of consciousness and ethnopsychology

Clara Ferrer

Co-founder, Yoga teacher and physiotherapist

Yoga teacher of Yoga Alliance for Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, in my search for answers on psychology and human behavior, led me to study physiotherapy.

I am passionate about everything that helps me to understand the nature of life, that brings me closer to the deep knowledge of human experience and that teaches me to live in peace and harmony with the world around us, ill bring you to a deeper connection with the flow of the ocean and the island wild nature.

As a yoga instructor, I strive to make students feel comfortable in their practice, learn the essential postures and make sure that the practices can be safe and suitable for all attendees. Yoga is a powerful transforming tool that changed my life and I am honored to be able to share this knowledge to bring people closer to the possibility of transforming themselves towards a happier and fuller life.

Estefania Aleu

Co-founder , chef and sport coach.

Founder of a space from where i sharing my professional career with passion and love for cooking and body workout as pillars of a long and healthy life drived through happiness and vital energy, which is totally aligned with my islander life here in Mallorca, i falling in love every day with the mountains and the sea of this little piece of mediterranean paradise, i will be your chef onboard in the Yoga&Sail experience and your teacher in the Yoga&Cooking retreat.

 Damaris Sanchez 

Singer & vocal teacher

Known as “Dama de Sur” singer, actress and composer, with deep Andalusian flamenco roots, but living in Mallorca, I work as a singer and singing teacher, creating women’s circles to reconnect with her inner voice and her sacred feminine connection through the healing sound of the mantras, the meditations, and the sound bowls, exploring the human creativity through the voice from different styles. In my travels through different countries, I always try to connect with that thread that as human beings we all have in our interior, I explore different sounds, melodies and mantras in search of the harmony and the vibration that unifies the divided, the blocked, the silenced by fear in us, unites the microcosm and the macrocosm; our songs are an act of love, we sing in a devotional act to recover and return to the beginning, where everything and everyone is one.


Yoga & Dance and Movement instructor

In my life I discovered that “awakening” is only one stage of the road, then it becomes very important, rather it is necessary to act in coherence with that previous awakening.

Then you start a journey in and from there to express, create, connect with the world. Thus, each day becomes exciting and full of purpose.

To express ourselves freely it is necessary to feel our body and listen to its language: the sensations, the depth of our emotions and thoughts, and in that way start a journey of self-exploration, connection and then expression.

My work began in the world of Yoga. From the beginning I always let my intuition guide me, always based on fundamentals and principles of practice, so as not to fall into unnecessary dogmas and restrictions. In that way I observed that it should include authentic, organic movement, spirals, circles and waves. Include Free Flow, Free Expression, Animal Flow and even dance movements, after all Shiva the god of Yoga is known as Nataraja, god of dance.

I am currently a teacher and guide of Connection, Movement and Expression, I rely on principles of Yoga, Dance, strength training in full ranks, principles of Free Expression and Connection Dynamics which is a unique work that I do with my groups in the classes, workshops, workshops, Retreats and experiential experiences.



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