After years collaborating together running transformative experiences like yoga classes and seminars, scuba diving courses, coaching development programs, cooking classes, singing and dance workshops, holistic events beside the sea, we started to realize how deeply this mix of different tools empowerment and complement the other. The fact that when we go deep into these experience in our life, we slowly become a force to be reckoned with.

The Ocean Dream Yoga experience mission is to make it easy for you to sharpen your body, mind, and soul, reconnecting with your natural flow through the nature of the ocean, feeling you more alive and vibrant than ever,we are designed every day of this experience to offer you the possibility to expand your conscience, to be more present in your body,  to listen to your inner wild voice and intuition and to fill your body with endorphins as an ocean love and beauty treatment


“Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’tt be sorry” Jack keruac

let your body flow in the sea water, swing on the catamaran deck breathing the salty air full of minerals and healthy ions, let the calm, the sound and the beauty of the ocean merge with you, return to the source of life in this experience of multisensorial sailing and yoga trip.


Sail and dive the Mediterranean Mallorca coast of pristine beaches, turquoise crystal waters, blue caves, breathtaking sunsets, horsebacks riding on the white sand beach, fun yoga sessions in the paddle board, and the immersive feeling of freedom sailing


Fall in love with taking care of yourself.Mind.body.spirit.

We love food, period. Delicious, healthy, beautiful, thoughtful food that nourishes the body and inspires the creative soul. Food is where we come together to replenish our bodies and where our community is built.

All meals are lovingly prepared using locally grown produce, mainly organic. We use cold-pressed virgin olive oil, locally sourced of course.

We also give you cutting-edge advice about raw food and superfoods to get lean and feel healthy, and we have some great recipes for you to try at home. If you are allergic to certain ingredients we will do our best to meet your requirements, provided that you advise us in advance. 

You will be introduced to a wide variety of superfoods which are nutrient-rich to nurture your body and delight your palate: spirulina, maca, hemp, acai, chia, bee pollen & barley grass. We share with you up-to-date nutritional facts about superfoods that boost your immune system, as well as foods that regulate your mood and energy levels. A raw superfood diet can also trigger long-term weight control and helps reduce cravings. You are invited to participate  and learn in the kitchen if you wish


“Yoga does not ask you to be more than you are, but it does ask you be all that you are”


Meet our teachers and start the day with the oceanic pulse meditation (not too early…) and a Vinyasa yoga class that´s paced for all abilities with step by step tuition to develop your skills and confidence for home practice.

We practice yoga together twice a day, ( morning session and sunset session) re-calibrating and re-connecting mind & body whilst developing sensitivity and focus. By the end of the week, you’ll be ready to practice at home, irrespective of your fitness level. We teach you to experience yoga not just as exercise/stretching, but as meditation-on-the-move. This is a method of yoga, not a ‘style’, the seeds of which will help you to practice any other kind of yoga. 

And after morning class enjoy the deli buffet breakfast while chatting with the yoga teacher 


Oceandream Yoga Experience brings you practices, people and places that bring out your deepest truths and desires. Each one has the intention to bring you into a deeper connection with yourself and your true gifts.


When you come on an Oceandream Yoga retreat, nothing is mandatory and we build in plenty of time for you to be on your own, to rest more, to explore more, or to be open to whatever shows up, rest rejuvenation…
A week of quiet nights and deep sleep, time for napping and giving yourself permission to do nothing at all.

Come with no story to defend and no judgment to be had. Meet people who will change your life and/or share in all the ups and downs. Connect to old friends and family in a new way, on a retreat, or when you go back home. Our own healing is the healing of the planet and so we work with companies that have similar ethos and missions.

Each retreat is filled with a mix of yoga, mantra, mudra, meditation and more. To learn more about the specifics of this retreat, check out the schedule or contact us to get more info  about the details and complete info

We believe the experiences that last a lifetime are the ones in which you are learning and integrating what you learn into your life. Our teachers and guides create unique opportunities for deepening and expansion of your practice.


›8 days/ 7 nights sailing a dream catamaran experience,

›Double cabin

›Skipper and  fuel deposit

›Chef on board
›All delicious breakfast, meals, dinners and snacks, water and juices everyday.
›2 Daily yoga & meditation class (morning and sunset)
›2 Stand up paddle yoga surf classes
›1 Kayak excursion

›Transport & material and access to all adventures
›Airport transfers on request
›1 Welcome haul onboard kit
›1 chillout private beach party with live music
*Not Included in prices: Flight ticket, airport transfers,Travel insurance (required)



enjoying some marinas each 2 days
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